Setsuo Kato - Journalist
Setsuo was born in Tokyo and studied journalism at Waseda University. He joined Keystone Press Tokyo in 1966. He came to London in 1970 to study photo-journalism at College of Journalism in Fleet Street. Married English ceramicist Jill Fanshawe. He widely worked for Japanese newspapers, magazines, radio and television covering Britain and Europe. He has published 12 books. From 1991 to 2002 he published own newspaper ‘The Nichi-ei Times’ serving the Japanese community in the UK. He is the editor of the Nippon Club (society for Japanese companies) and currently is teaching photography in London. He is Japan Liaison Advisor for the Leach Pottery Resavation Project, a member of the Japan Society Award Selection Committee, Executive Committee for the Nippon Club and the Japanese Residents Association in the UK. He was awarded Japanese Ambassador’s Award and Japan Society Award both in 2000. He is a member of National Union of Journalists. He is enjoying travelling, walking in the countryside and allotment.

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